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Originally Posted by Last Triumph View Post
Sorry to hear that you sold the G50. I'd go with a Type 1 box, but the cost of buying a strong one is at least 1500 (G50 money), and I'm still stuck with a 4 speed.... Which would get the engine furthest forward, a short early G50 box or a type one with reversed mount?

I trust the inner wings need to be cut to clear the heads, and engine side trays removed?
IT is easy to compare just the cost of the trans, but you are also pretty much on your own for flywheel, clutch etc etc not to mention turning the chassis into a BIG project. For a road car I'm hoping the AT will last a while, especialyl as a second car. Having said that I was offered a low mileage early G50 with LSD for 1500 which did tempt me!

Yup, inner wings need cutting/widening and the trays are long gone!

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