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Originally Posted by ricola View Post
IT is easy to compare just the cost of the trans, but you are also pretty much on your own for flywheel, clutch etc etc not to mention turning the chassis into a BIG project. For a road car I'm hoping the AT will last a while, especialyl as a second car. Having said that I was offered a low mileage early G50 with LSD for 1500 which did tempt me!

Yup, inner wings need cutting/widening and the trays are long gone!

All good and true, BUT, the guy with the orange Scooby bug in Volksworld is now on his 3rd type one trans. I guess he abuses it? I wouldn't abuse mine, but it would be nice to know that you're not going to leave a pile of bits on the road if you occaisionally want to smoke 'em up or shift in anger?

Does anyone sell mega tough type one boxes with the stongest and best of everything (Mendeola are too exoensive, but nice idea...)

Plus there is still the 4 speed problem?

Surely someone has mated G50 to a scooby before now and know what to do clutch and flywheel wise?

It would seem a front rad really is the way to go then? I ain't cutting holes though.... No sireee!
I see a big catfish, under valance, C4 'vette style scoop in my future?

Coolant tubes in the heater channels?

If a type one was used with a reversed mount, would that allow DOHC covers to clear the bodywork?

Again, sorry for all the questions.
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