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Originally Posted by petevw View Post
That's a great idea! I'd be up for that. Combining the Nordschleife, with a show, and possibly the new Porsche museum that will be completed soon.

What are the big VW shows in Europe?
Do you have any dates?

We can get a "feeler" going to see who's interested.

That's a great idea, Pete. Let's get some '09 dates for EU shows down and start the ball rolling on this. Once we have a good idea on dates we can also hit some other forums, really try and make it an aircooled invasion

Also, don't forget Project 2009 at the 'ring , which includes the worlds fastest accelerating roller coaster YEAH
There is also Autostadt which is just near Wolfsburg, on the way to Berlin (coolest city in the world, imho), I haven't had the chance to get there personally, but heard it's a Must See for VW and car fans alike.


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