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Originally Posted by NO_H2O View Post
Glad to hear that the old girl is up and running. I realy liked that car. Too bad the 2056 type 4 was left out in the rain. It was just right for the car and made for a well balanced package. Keep your eyes open and i will too. The right one will come along.
Yeah, it was a nice package. My list of future possibilities is rather lengthy, yet it is quite specific, too.

Originally Posted by yellow73 View Post
Glad to hear that your car is at least running. That was one of the inspirations for my Type IV conversion ... and also for the battery kill switch that I recently installed!!
Thank you.
A fire suppression kit will be higher on my to-do list, too.

Originally Posted by petevw View Post
So when are you going back to buy it.
Ha, I'd buy it back at the drop of a hat.

He was nice enough to give me the CSP shifter. He didn't like it. He said he had trouble finding second gear with it. I doubt it got affected by the fire.

It no longer has the BBS wheels on it. Apparently they were sold separately before he bought it. It actually looks quite nice with regular 5x100 black steelies and chrome lug nuts.
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