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Originally Posted by TSAF View Post
Wally I think that the limitations of the type 4 casing are the studs that hold the heads. I have done a 5th stud conversion to mine in order to make sure that we will not have any leaks. Anyway I believe that still is VW because even on the new case the idea still remains the same.
Your describing a head warping problem here above, not an engine case limit imo.

Even so: How do you explain my 500Nm/400hp at 24 psi boost with non-welded, many times machined (=futher weakened) 103mm bore turbo'd original type 4 heads?
And I don't just drag race them, but much worse: Autobahn and track day use! I do something to them to keep the seal, but its not a 5th or 6 stud...

Sure, at some point studs will always become a problem: even new EVO's, Honda's and WRX-STi's replace their factory studs and use ARP head studs in larger diameters for there high-hp turbo'd engines.

Therefore, by the above reasoning/proof: the type 4 case is fine as a base for much more hp then you and I will ever run. Stiffer/stronger heads would surely help, but only if head cooling ability is not compromised!

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