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Originally Posted by TSAF View Post
Wally do not take me wrong because I am not into the turbocharged engines.
No worries, its just a discussion on arguments

I am just telling you that the original case limitations are the 105mm pistons. Even with the 105 pistons the walls of the case are extremely thin. You cannot go bigger on an original type 4 case. That's it.
Totally agree. Just saying a 2,8-2,9 ltr type 4 with 103mm bore can be made so that it gives equal or better power. So you don't need 105mm bore when using a type 4 based engine.
That was the point I tried to make above.

As far as the cooling issues is concerned I am sure that your engine runs cool, but what happens when you want to play a little bit and after a while you suddenly hit a huge jam. I believe that if that happens the large n/a version copes better than a turbocharged.
Ah! I have experienced that your last statement is just not true! NOT TRUE (to make that extra clear).
and for all the reasons I already mentioned above.

I must work on expression myself better...

I don;t have a problem with you or anyone not liking a turbo engine, but the pre-judgements surrounding it are hard to get over obviously, even if I proved them all wrong.
Its also why I call my bug sometimes 'Mythbuster'...
'75 Super.
...because race car!
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