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Totally agree. Just saying a 2,8-2,9 ltr type 4 with 103mm bore can be made so that it gives equal or better power. So you don't need 105mm bore when using a type 4 based engine.
That was the point I tried to make above.
Exactly.Im not convinced that a 105 mm bore will make more noticeable power than the same engine with a 103mm bore.

I don;t have a problem with you or anyone not liking a turbo engine, but the pre-judgements surrounding it are hard to get over obviously, even if I proved them all wrong.
I remember the days where Wally was just as skeptical about turbos much like some of his critics today that he has proven wrong in many things.Ive always been pro turbo and Wallys Mythbuster has shown me some new aspects and busted some myths that I believed in or experienced myself.90% of my turbo experience comes from aircraft engines,so I learn more everyday especially with all the tuning possibities that EFI/motormanagements offer.Some things that used to be a problem can be basically tuned away...
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