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Originally Posted by TSAF View Post
I've heard that Remmele is working on a 3.6-3.8l based upon a new crankcase.More specifically a 96 X 112 Type4 with his own case and Deutz Cylinder. (3700 ccm). Has anyone heard anything about that?
That is true.A 3783cc. It´s in the works as we speak,but not available yet. It has 5 main bearings and the cam sits 6mm lower than a type 4 case.The cylinder spacing will be the same as a type 4 ,so he can use his heads,but with a wider studspacing IIRC and will have Deutz cylinders.The case will be able to use type 4 cams and lifters.

The 3 liter is already faster from 0-200km/h than the current 997 Porsche GT3 RS by about 1 second. The 3 liter in Remmele´s bug will make the sprint to 200Km/h in 11,5 seconds,top speed is about 250km/h.
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