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Originally Posted by 70Turbobug View Post
That is true.A 3783cc. It´s in the works as we speak,but not available yet. It has 5 main bearings and the cam sits 6mm lower than a type 4 case.The cylinder spacing will be the same as a type 4 ,so he can use his heads,but with a wider studspacing IIRC and will have Deutz cylinders.The case will be able to use type 4 cams and lifters.
Thats actaully pretty nice engineering wise
I am very doubtfull though how the thick short finned steel Deutz cylinders and his solid heads can cool cylinders that are that close together (now room for cooling air anymore between barrels). No air through the heads like original heads and no air through the cylinders must give cooling problems on the autobahn surely?
The 3 liter is already faster from 0-200km/h than the current 997 Porsche GT3 RS by about 1 second. The 3 liter in Remmele´s bug will make the sprint to 200Km/h in 11,5 seconds,top speed is about 250km/h.
and that ^^ is very cool, but hard to believe as well It would mean a 1/4 mile time of low 11's. That seems hardly possible with his street weight and street tires...
'75 Super.
...because race car!
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