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Finished another event this weekend, #7 of the series. I had a co-driver (read: tire warmer ) this time around to see if I could get some more heat into the tires but it was a marginal difference at best. Tire temps never reached 100, even with 2 drivers, which seems worse than a 200 treadwear tire to me temp wise. Both my competitors were on super sticky autox R-comps again, but I really narrowed the gap this time. I ran a 52.63, vs a 52.6 for 2nd and a 51.8 for 1st. I was also one of the fastest cars down to 100 ft. slalom topping out at 80-82mph going into the braking zone.

Here's a couple videos I got... I was playing with camera angles and these were my fav's

Bumper cam

Wing cam facing backward
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