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Another autox event and finally a first place finish! This is Lucy's first top spot this year and it felt good to know she's finally coming together. What started off as a cold and crazy morning (CHP blocked the highway for nearly an hour trying to round up 3 loose horses) ended up with perfect weather and a great event. I finally had Sean (my co-driver/tire warmer) take the race tires down in his car while I drove the bug. Mind you this is about 130 miles round trip, on the street, and the bug gets lots of attention.

We swapped tires at the event, Sean drove first, then me. I don't know about you guys but I'm conflicted about someone else driving my car. On one hand, I don't want someone else to break something (I want to do it), but on the other hand I love watching and hearing it from the sidelines. Sean scrubbed the old rubber off the tires (7 year old, barely touched, hoosier r3s03) and got them warmed up, and I managed to shave a second a run as the tires gain heat. They are still too cold for autox but 2 seconds faster than the medium-hard yokohama A048s. I had the camera on the fender with the intention of moving it around but didn't get the chance.

Here's the only pic I have so far and the video of the fastest run
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