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Yes, I have pretty good idea what should fit okay with my suspension and fenders..

Indeed 16" tires are as lowprofile harder to find, only common sizes are probably 225/50/16 and 205/50/16, smallest rear tire size on 993 is 245/45/16, which is not so common anymore..

Yeah, 17" should be okay, quite easy to find low profile tires between 205-275. I think 45 and 40 series tires are lowprofile enough.

Porsche (or any) 17" wheels should be lighter than 18" wheels, but 993 turbo hollowspoke 18" wheels what i have been looking, are as light or lighter than most Porsche 17" wheels..and 3-piece wheels seem to be heavy, except kerscher KRS 3-piece.

Here is some weight data:

This finnish 1303 has 225/40R18 and 265/35R18 tires, looks quite wide, rear wheels look like 10" wide:

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