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Originally Posted by NO_H2O
Did you buy the single or dual post sening unit for oil press?
What guage wire did you use?
Did you test continuity/resistance of the wires?
Do you have a full 12vdc at the guages?
Do you have a good ground?
18 or 22 I think
yes and no
I'm not sure so that might be a good place to start when I get off work

Progress report:
I managed to get the temp to read closer to 170 during lunch. I wasn't driving it hard but it was warmer outside, in the 80's. I'm gonna take it out for an extended drive on the freeway after work. Maybe 20 minutes out and back. If it doesn't get up to 180 after that then I'll know I have a problem for sure with the temp guage. For the pressure guage I know there is continuity from the sender to the guage. I also know I am on the right post at the sender b/c one of the posts doesn't create any current until the stock idiot light is supposed to come on and there is a small amount of current...just not enough to get it above 0. The first thing I'll check tonight is to make sure there is 12v coming into the guages. That could certainly be a problem. After that I'm out of ideas. I'll double check the grounds and the resistance of the wires to make sure everything is good there. Any other suggestions? Thanks for the help
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