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Originally Posted by volkdent View Post
Sounds pretty good! If you need a car to drive, don't get this thing taken too far apart, you'll never have it back together to use it. Set goals, for example engine first, then brakes, then suspension, whatever. The pretty stuff should be left for last, as it always gets damaged if you try to work around it. Take your time, do a lot of thinking, label and bag everthing so you know what it goes to. You've outlined a pretty complete car, but it will take years and thousands of $ to get done, so if you need transportation in the mean time, get another car, then this can just sit somewhere if you have the space, and work on it as you have time and $. If you don't have the space or need to drive it daily, just do things in complete phases. We've all been there, I got my bug when I was 15, and it's a whole lot of fun. We'd love to offer any advice or suggestions you might need, please feel free to ask.

i know i need another car. i have a barn up in the country and all the boating things and other junk got stollen out of it. its i nice lil place with an old rv that works just doesnt run so my plan was to build a lil hut inside with a lil ac to do the painting and working on in. i have a lil sb my friends is willing to sell me for $100 all i have to do is slip my engine in it. now soon i plan on stripping my car and painting it up there. so we'll see how good this idea is
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