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I'm glad I could help someone on the other side of the world!

I just realized I didn't tell why I only put a short piece of foam on the door.
If you inspect the area where the door seal is pushed against the car near the hinges, you will see that it leaves two tiny holes open. This is caused by the indentation in the A pillar for the hinge.
Those tiny holes don't really matter when you're driving at 100 km/h hour, but going 120 km/h or faster will create a whisteling sound.
After I put the piece of foam in, the sound was gone at the hinge, but now I still hear a little bit of windnoise coming from up higher. About half way up the side window at the A-pillar (where my piece of foam stopped). I think air is coming past the door seal up there.

My door seals are in good condition, I think this is a sign that these cars where originally build for cruising speeds at 100 km/h.

I hope putting a piece of foam from the top of the door to the bottom of the door will get rid of even more windnoise.
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