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Originally Posted by Wally View Post
Thats some dedication!

A picture of the finished set-up would be cool
Quite honestly, I've thought of going with something easier to put together several times, but I've spent too much on those damn calipers (the German bolts AND the sacrificial Porsche rear M calipers) to abandon them.

Sadly, I sent out on this path simply because I wanted vented rotors on the front, to match my vented rotors on the rear (straight 944 rear brakes).

CSP offers a kit that give 20mm wide rotors with a 42mm piston caliper. These bolt to any typical caliper adapter made for a 1303 without disc brakes (or the ever rare disc brake spindles), thus they have 2.25 inch bolt spacing. Unfortunately there is no way for me to get these for less than a LOT of money. CIP1 is the importer for CSP products in the States. They will special order the kit for me for $1300. Now, that's for JUST two rotors and two calipers, not including shipping. WAY more than I'd like to spend. The other alternative for me, if I must have vented rotors, is having someone like Flat make a set of caliper adapters that bolt to 1303 spindles and having the 944 hubs modded to fit the 1303 spindle.

That all said, I think the turning down of the 944 hubs will yield the results I seek.

Pictures of the finished brakes, will, of course, follow.
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