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Thanks Wally for the confirmation. So it seems that 944T brakes would actually fit better the Bug than the 944NA.
I have a curiosity: how do you know which brakes lock up first, front or rear? Do you just feel the car in a specific way? I locked my brakes up a couple of times on hard braking in traffic, but I can not tell which ones did. I just heard the wheels squeak, no deviation from straight line. Can you feel that in specific conditions, on track, for example during hard brake on cornering? I only use my car in normal traffic, which also means some mountain roads, so I did not race it nor do I intend to do so. My "feeling" of the car is that of a normal driver, I have no idea how it is on a track (hm, it was only once at a VW meeting where we had a small autoX track, but that was long time ago and I had no mods).
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