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I'll just leave this here not to confuse people.
eskamobob1, I agree partly to your argumentation. But what you have drawn is exactly what it is NOT in the stepped pump (the pistons of different areas are NOT hard linked together). The forces and pressures you computed are correct however if the secondary piston would look like that. But the inside of the pump looks like in the picture from the link Meaning that the force applied to the second piston is NOT the input pedal force, but it is derived from the pressure of the first: pressure in first chamber (P1) is Fin/d1 (say 400N and 23mm as in the picture), and the force on the second piston is P1*D2 (19mm for second piston). Thus the pressure in the second circuit is the same as in the first circuit.
Your idea would work if the pump would look like below inside, but as far as I know, it does not...
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