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Porsche Powered Mid-Engine Double Cab

I often check into this site for tech info and thought I would post up my project as it consists of alot of Porsche parts but is really a truck (bus).
Not sure it is "German Look" but might be worth a chuckle.

I have owned this d.c. for about nine years, it is my second one, the first was my daily driver shop truck for a couple years but was too rusty to keep rolling without a full body restoration. This bus is also my daily shop truck, and all build decisions are made with that in context.

That is a photo of the d.c. as it was when I bought it.
It had a mild 2110 and re-geared transaxle still using the stock reduction boxes. It ran fine for about 10,000 miles till the forged crank snapped in two.

Next up I took the stock 1600 single port out of my Ghia and ran that for another year or so till the front bearing froze up and destroyed the spindle(I had the tow truck driver check the wheel before he put it in the sling and when he jacked up the front the entire wheel fell off in his hands!)

That was a sign to move onto my next plan, i.r.s the back and go to a ball joint/narrowed/adjustable front beam.
The Ghia that donated its heart and later sold to help the double cab build.

More to come.
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