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Porsche Powered Mid-Engine Double Cab

Wow, tough crowd.

That carbon cab is very nice, have not seen that one before, would like to see more of that build as well.
As it happens my first build did include a type 4 in its design, a 2270 with 40mm Dells/ 2.0 rat-ham heads ect. I was deep into collecting parts for it when
Ken Churning ran off with the money for the built i.r.s. trans I ordered from him.I was many in long list of people he stole from, from feedback hero to straight-up thief in a month.

I picked up a cheap early 944 for parts(failed timing belt,what a surprise) and started pulling parts off.
I ordered A 4" narrowed/bay ball joint/adjustable/2.5"welded 944 drop spindles beam from Wagenswest which fit perfect and was well made.
I also got his i.r.s. kit which also fit and worked well.

I picked up a cheap 1835 type 1 to get the truck back on the road while I worked on the type 4 engine and wait for the trans. which would never come.

The hyper 1835 actually pushed it along fine, running through a free super beetle 3.88 trans. (had to hold it in fourth gear).
The 1835 lasted for about 5000 miles till it ended its abused life with a terminal crack in the case.


Need to figure out how to post images in correct spot, more to come.
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