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So far no luck :-(

I've replaced both fuel filters (one before and one after the fuel pump), emptied the tank and checked for debris near the exit tube but it was clean. I removed that tube at the bottom of the tank to see if it had a pinhole in it but it was fine. The hose connecting the tank to the main line was a little dry at the ends, so I clipped them off a bit and reinstalled but again no luck.

I just checked the rear hose that connects from the main line to the engine and it seemed to be fine, although it was a plain rubber hose. So that may be the one needing replacement.

Just as I finished that last sentence I thought I may have tightened the clamps on the filters too much, but I loosened them and there wasn't a surge of gas coming through to fill it.

The only symptoms that i can see are bubbles in the fuel line at the filter before the carb, and there is not that much fuel in the filter before the pump.

Any ideas? It may just very well be the pump, but I rather make sure than change every part on my engine 50 times.

Thanks again for your input, it really does help
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