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I had a very similar problem with my bug, the bug would run for a while then load up and die. Each time the time for this to happen shortened. I suspected what you mention, but after changing all fuel related bits had the same flaw.

I'm running T25 dizzy and electronic ignition - changed the hall sender and that fixed it. the hall senders do fail, I think your pertronix is a hall effect sender also, try points and see if it cures it. If you can get the specs you could measure the values for the sender?

Also had another problem in the summer, after a 20 - 30 minute drive, in traffic the bug would load up and miss then die no matter how hard you floor the pedal. I thought this was another hall sender, looking at the fuel filter [which I had near the pre-heat pipes] it was empty; the fuel had boiled off whilst sat in traffic. The solution was to cable tie it away from the pre-heat pipes [got dual pre heats] and brilliant fixed! so maybe my ramblings will help you.
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