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Originally Posted by yellow73
Great job I am enjoying your updates. :agree:
Any problems welding the aluminum pipe to the galvanized other than the toxic fumes?
Thanks for the feedback.

As far as I know, I asked a friend in my welding class today. I can't weld the two because they're disimilar metals. I can brase them, but he said you can brase about any metal. Brasing isn't an option because it isn't a very clean weld. Not something I'd like to do for my water lines. In my pictures. Towards the rear torsion, there are couplers on either side. I'll probably just use good thread tape and call it done. If that doesn't work, maybe a peice of hose the length of the coupler, then 2 good hose clamps. Thanks for the question. I enjoy answering.

But galvanized is very toxic, I think you end up with the equivilent of a chemical phemonia (sp?). A guy in my class had that happen to him a while back, he was VERY sick.

Originally Posted by Doogie S
Nice work on that Ghia. You're an inspiration for me to get moving on mine this fall. (Right after I insulate and heat the garage).
Thanks, inslulation and heat in your garage is a must. When you get moving on yours. Start a thread. I'd love to follow allong to your build too. Maybe I can help on yours too.
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