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OG?!?!?!?! ARGGGGG! Make it stop!

I feel the need to rant just a little! If you see this and agree, then reply. If you don't agree just chalk it up to the endless ramblings of an aging hipster trying to chase those darn kids off his lawn!

I was just looking at TheSamba! Then I went to eBay!
Try this: Go to TheSamba, click "Classifieds" then click "Search". Now type in "OG". You get 552 ads! Thankfully eBay only renders 9 ads from the search in eBay Motors.

This goes out to anyone who ever tried to sell anything, post anything or refers to any part of their VW as "OG"!

OK! OG as quoted by the "Urban Dictionary" means quite simply "Original Gangsta"! I guess they were too lazy to add the "er" at the end or think it sounds cool to phonetically say it like a toddler. The rapper Ice-T coined this term globally with one of the defining albums of gangsta rap, O.G. Original Gangsta. Which IN NO WAY implies that "NOS" (new old stock) or "Original" parts are OG! No VW manual has ever referenced a part as OG!

Listen up! YOUR VW IS NOT OG!!!!!! It is as far from OG as OG gets! Your car never had to pop a cop in Oak-town because he never gave him his props! Your VW (or any part of it) isn't straight OG out of Compton with a loose cannon, smokin' big green callin' it Bruce Banner......! And if it is, call a Priest and have it exorcised! Or call Steven King and offer the book rights to him for "Christine meets Herbie".
I'll wager that if OG stood for Old Granny or Oral Gang-green these kids wouldn't be so quick to try to sell that "OG" radio block off plate or refer to their rims as "OG".

Back in my day the acronym "OG" stood for Olive Green or the color of the jacket that my disgruntled Viet-Nam Vet bus driver wore. And a "Hood Ride" was something we did with an old VW trunk lid down the hill in the snow.

No, these "B-Rad" wanna be's (dig the Malibu's Most Wanted reference:agree: ) would rather type OG than Original. Probably because they can't spell it. Every time I see "OG" it conjures up an image of that gang on those T-mobile commercials. "Boo-Hoo, you outta pre-paid minutes dude! 25 cent to connect! Plus one bone fo da dawg! WOOF!"

Please,please, please, please, PLEASE stop using OG! Ice-T and I will both thank you!

There! All better now!

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