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well the bug is a 70 with a sunroof. The body is going to get used for a baja. all the running gear is in good condition. We are going to replace the pan halves...they arnt bad, but there is some screwed in rear 1/4's thats just nasty. and a few pin holes up front. Came with a 1600dp with a doghouse coolng, 3 gens, 3 dizzys (010,009, and a small can vac adv), new oil bath air cleaner. all this for $300.

The pan is going to be used on our 64 Vert body.....tried to convince the pops to do a GL, but he wants a damn Cal Look.

But We are going to GL a odd Car!!!! Imagine a 66 Datsun Roadster with the GL look!?!!?

My mouth is better now.
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