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Originally Posted by Lazarus
i love a good comedian. ive recently gotten into some of the guys around NYC. like lil' jimmy norton, patrice o'neal, and bill burr. i liked burr on chappelle's show.patrice is great on web junkand lil jimmy from lucky louie and the opie and anthony show. pretty progressive stuff for the south.
Those guys are all hilarious! I can't wait to have my XM installed in my New Beetle so I can listen to Opie & Anthony. Those guys are crazy! Hopefully it will be done this weekend. :agree:
Chappelle Show is just so damn funny. I just bought the Lost Episodes. I laughed so hard I cried! If you liked Chappelle show then def watch the lost episodes if you ever get the chance. Not only are the sketches funny but there is over an hour of deleted scenes and out takes that are just as funny as the sketches themselves. Dave Chappelle is just as smart as he is funny...which makes the funny even funnier. You have to have a brain to think up alot of the stuff he does.
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