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The basic cage you describe is probably a 6 point fitting that is strong enough for internationally homologated classic rally cars. The quality of fit is down to the manufacturer/supplier. As regards head contact the roll cage is no harder than the door frame and the chances of it coming to meet your head in an accident is far less than with the plain door frame.
I have rolled a road rally car with a half cage (rear hoop and rear braces only). The cage actually saved us with no injuries save for the navigator that was nicked once with flying glass when the side window caved in. However, the windscreen and front door frame crushed back that convinced me the value of the front cage. Door bars are useful but a pain in the a**e in normal use.
Roll cage rubber is a must:- as an example. Previous to using the FIA nominated spec we used Armorflex pipe lagging. Its generally used in refridge pipework is a min 1/2" thick, medium density and carries a fire proof (self extinguishing) certification. I'm sure you could find something similar from your air-con suppliers.

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