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Twin Subaru? Dream time

I've been having this dream for a while, so I figured I would share it on here since there a probably a few people who like to do ridiculous things with cars just for fun..

Anyway, I was thinking what sort of problems you would run in to bolting two Subaru engines together to make a flat-8 engine. My idea is that you would use to identical engines (say 2.5L turbo from newer STi) and attach the blocks and crankshafts together. Each engine makes <300 hp and ~350ft-lbs of torque in insanely reliable stock form, so together you're looking at ~600hp and probably more than double the torque. I'm not sure if it would work but you could use two ECU's and have each engine controlled independantly, each having its own turbo, intake, etc..

The engine would probably have to be bolted into an originally V8 car, or a datsun Z car or something. I'm just think that this much reliable horsepower would be so cool, I mean.. how many daily driver 600hp chevy's have you seen? that get decent gas mileage? oh and the chevy wouldn't make near the torque either.

I thought I would put this out there and see if anyone else thought it would be cool.

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