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I was tuned into the Germanlook when it first started happening, possibly '93. My Bug at the time had the same Recaro seats I have now, Compomotive Lattice 6*15 alloys (similar to BBS) with 195/50|15 up front and 205/55|15 at the rear. Lowered front and rear and had exactly the stance my 'Chromanloook' Kaab has now. The car was only ever in grey primer, as was all the chrome, bumpers, etc.

My inspiration came from a car that bore no resemblance what so ever. It was a red rag-top oval with mostly 356 running gear. It had the graphics " FORM + FUNCTION " down the bottom of the sides. I can't find a picture, but was awesome at Bug Jam 5 back in '91. It might of been an early VWDRC car.

This car stood out from all the callook cars and the crazy customs. That car was my main influence, and then came the MBT Bug and the monster '03 Karmanns. I can remember an issue of Volksworld that had 2 Kabs on the cover, one was creamy and the other was grey-blue met. photo'd in a field of flowers with the headline 'Twins' -I can't find a back copy of this issue.

Does anyone have these pictures, and the facility to share them?
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