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Originally Posted by Slopel
Hello everyone. For those of you who have sent anything across the border, what is the cheapest way to get it there. I am trying to send my hubs rotors and spindles to Lanner @ Vdub Customs and through fedex I was going to be charged 147$ one way! I live in North Dakota, I can drive to Mississagua Ontario and back for that much! I also looked up rates for USPS and it was less at 139$. Anyone have a cure?

Wow shipping sure has gone up with the price of fuel. I shipped up 2 ball joint spindles, 2 944 hubs, and a rotor. The package weighed just under 40 lbs. and shipping was only about $60 with USPS. They are not even showing the brokerage fees online. How much does your package weigh??
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