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My story began when I was 16 (2000) and my mom totaled my "hand-me-down" first car which was a 93 Chevy Cavalier by hitting a deer at 80 mph. My parents and I were stumped as to what car I would drive to school and work, then my step dad said, "Maybe I can get Shellie’s (his daughter) old bug running and you can drive that around until we find a better solution. That old bug was a 71 Standard, and I fell in love with it on the first drive.

I started drag racing shortly after. I didn't get the same thrill out of it as my friends (import owners) did. Then I turned to magazines such as Sport Compact Car and the internet for more information on other types of racing as well as modifications to add performance. My love for air-cooled VWs was at an all time high when I read the G-Force Challenge article in Sport Compact Car (Dec. 01) which featured Eric Roberts (aka Plumbugracer) Super Beetle representing VW Trends. Then and there I decided that is what I wanted to do with my "racing career".

I lost my mind and sold my bug for DSMs, raced them, broke them, wised up, and now I'm back to VWs. This time around I'm building a 71 Super for Solo I & II as well as track days.

Quick funny story: When I got my 71 Super I started searching the web for a Super Beetle forum where I could find specific information on suspension work for Supers and I came across none other than I started posting and I got help from Plumbug (my inspiration) on how to go about setting the car up for racing. So the very same person that inspired me to race VWs in now my mentor in a way.
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