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Thumbs up Story time.

Here's my story, I didn't grow up with vws, but when I finaly started to notice them I realized how differant they were and I just Had to have one. I wanted one for about 5 years. Then in Feb. of 2003, my parents bought me a 1972 standard for my graduation present. I was in love right away. That same month, I started hanging out at a buddy's vw shop. Doing anything; sandblasting, cleaning parts in a parts washer, carrying things, holding things, I didn't know enough to really help with the building.

But I started to look for ideas for my bug, once I realized that you can do just about ANYTHING with a vw. I felt like all the cars I saw were just too plain. I was at a loss for ideas. Then I went to a show in TN, that's when I saw my first GermanLook, Dave's (NO_H2O) Smack Black. It just blew my mind away, I couldn't stop staring at it. It jump started my imagination to what could be possible. Then I started going for a GermanLook for my standard. When I started seeing more and more bugs, supers and standards being GLed. I wanted to be differant from the GL crowd. That's when I chose a GL Ghia project, it took me a while to find a car worth fixing up, but I finaly found one and that's where the project really started.

I think I'm about 40% finished, my only major speed bumps are $$$ and time, I need more money than I do time. If I had enough money, I wouldn't have to work so I'd have time. Ironicly, I did find before I saw Dave's car, but I thought, "Germanlook, that means all the cars and parts are in Germany" what can I say, I didn't know what I was thinking.

That's my story. Sorry I typed so much.
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