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I remember that episode.. LOL.. LAG... but what a monster when it was under boost..

Congrats on the STI.. Suffering from P-Envy.. your bigger than mine.. turbo that is..

I haven't driven the 05.. but I know it handles different than the 04 due the front diff..

Break her in easy.. so that you don't blow oil later..

I will be looking for one.. but I need to get thru the baby thing..

The thing that kills me is for 32K.. give or take, there are other cars out there.. such as M3, 911 (older ones), S4, and others.. so its tough to make up my mind.. I may even hold out till 07 when the new chasis comes..
07 is the year of the car... STI, EVO, Skyline, to name a few.. choices get harder..

For now I just got my STI hood scoop, and Need to get my STI wing painted so that it can go on.. A man can dream, right.. almost STI..

I am heading back to Watkins Glenn at the end of the month with Audi..I hope there are more STI, and EVO's.. because I haven't been to impressed with the STI yet.. Love it, but its not blowing the doors off my scooby.. which is a good for that P-envy.. Can't wait till I run some 8" R compounds next year.. For now I gotta stay focused, and keep up on the driving.. something tells me that when I run into a equal or better driver, it may be different, but for now we are running strong..

PS Post some pics..
78 Vert, In pieces and on hold
also a
73 Saloon, currently being built..
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