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Spyder Bait

I just realized I don't have a build thread for the street bug so I thought I'd put one in here since it's getting a little more attention.

This is Mojo aka. Spyder Bait, a 1973 Super Beetle Sports Bug, the day I brought him home

...and about a week later

I swapped in Maxx struts and added a coilover sleeve with 300# springs (too heavy) and 4 wheel disks in porsche pattern for a set of turbo twists.

I also installed H4 conversion headlights with 6000k HID, Westin 5.5" driving lights with 3000K HID, and a Kamei spoiler to complete the german look.

I briefly had a big motor installed, but the 2276 ate it's cam after 1000 miles so it's on the bench for a rebuild. Since the beetle is going back to daily driver duties he'll be getting a few upgrades in the coming weeks.

Rancho pro street freeway flier tranny
New, built by me 2276
Tranny strap kit
Urethane mounts
Kafer brace
New front 200# springs
QA1 Rear coilovers with 300# springs
7/8" front sway bar
Strut brace
Sticky tires, (haven't decided which ones)
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