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Finally got the rods I've been waiting 2 weeks for on tuesday, and thus began a long 2 days of motor build. Had to make a couple emergency runs for pushrods, rod bearings, and a fan belt but otherwise everything went fairly smooth.

Getting ready

new rancho pro-street freeway flier put together and ready to go in

mmm, straight cuts... that are surprisingly quiet, must be something with the CB gears.

and about this time it was 2am and I had forgotten all about the camera

The details:
CB aluminum case
DPR 78mm crank
Mahle 94mm forged pistons and cylinders
CB 5.5" race rods
CB #2246 cam, 260 dur. @ .050" .411 lift
CB straight cut cam gears
CB lightweight lifters
Scat chromoly push rods
Windage tray
Scat wedge port heads, 40mmx35.5mm
CB 1.3:1 forged rockers, measured out to 1.25:1 and .515" lift at the valve
30mm HD oil pump w/ filter
12 lb. lightened flywheel
KEP stage 1 pressure plate

The motor went together nice and easy. Had a bit of a scare when I tried to set the rocker geometry. The scat 1.4:1 rockers were uncomfortably close to coil bind and when I measured them out they were actually giving me a 1.32:1 ratio. I happened to have another set of CB 1.3 rockers laying around (I know right?) and I remember another builder saying they measured out with a smaller ratio. Sure enough, when I checked my set they measured out 1.25:1 which was good enough for .030" more breathing room at the valve spring.

I got some help and we managed to swap in the motor last night. Couldn't do the cam break in until today and it sounds very mean. I had a little bit of popping so I know the carbs are a little lean so I'll sort that all out tomorrow. The motor is dry as a bone except a leak from the snout of the case, and the race car had a leak in the same area, grrr. The last problem I found while cleaning up tonight. I found the wing nut for the clutch cable on the tool cart, which means it's not in the car. Looks like I'll be back under the car tomorrow, but I still can't wait to drive it.
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