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Glad to be a member. Who's going to show me the secret handshake?

Just a little background. By day, I'm a mild manered reporter for the newspaper. No, oh wait, that's Clark Kent. I'm actually a engineer/designer for Hamilton Beach Commercial. We make blenders and ice cream mixers for restaraunts and bars, etc. Project testing is a b*tch.

Then I get to be sound/light/set designer/maintenence man for my wifes dance studio. (oh and the wife says I should add professional smart *ss to my resume)

Then after I get the kids to bed, I get to play with my toys. Currently I've got 3 projects going. The first is the easy one, install the 3.0 6cyl I have coming in the 912e I purchased a few weeks back. Doesn't get much more german look than a 912/911. Still trying to decide if I can call it a 911 once I have the new motor in it.

2nd is a quick job (HA!), got a 67 beetle that I picked up cheap that I'm repairing the rear apron the paint the car. Hope to have it out of the shop this spring.

3rd is the 73 bus I have for the wife. It's painted and waiting to be assembled, sitting in storage till I get more space at the house to keep it covered.

Then I get to the projects that are in line, building a motor for the 73 camper and the GL 61 ragtop (which I just got a complete 85 944 suspension for, more stuff to learn). If all goes well, maybe I can have the 61 on the road by spring of 04.

Keep your calanders open for the Rockingham show this summer, I'm just up the road from there, was a really good show last year.

(oh yeah, Zen, buy my car)

I do have a 74 mexican beetle thats just getting the finishing touches. Painted new beetle techno blue and has a full euro look, except for the sport bug rims. I have that one for sale to fund the next projects.

I'll make my signature official now
John Helgesen -
63 356b time capsule
911 track car, getting a cage now
948 project
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