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Actually, the project just kind of evolved.

I got the 912e first cause it was a great deal and I had the money burning a hole in my pocket (should have gone to my visa bill).

I thought I could just drop in the 2.0 I had aquired a few weeks earlier that was slated to go in my camper. When I found it had a dropped valve seat, killed that idea.

Then ideas started chruning, drop in the 2.2 6 cyl you have, but its only 125 hp. Then went to, build another Masive 2056, but still only 125 hp and 4-5k with exhaust. Then, the 2270 plus exhaust is what 6k+.

Started looking for a 2.4 or 2.7 6cyl, built right will be 160-180 hp, and 2-4k for good running motor. Called a buddy of mine in FL, just happened to get in a 3.0 from a 78 911, runs good. Made me a deal, fit in my budget (fit on my visa card ) and I get 200+ hp. Can you say Ar Ar Ar!!!! more power. He also got me a deal on a complete 85 944 suspension for my 61 ragtop.

One of the reasons I need to sell the 74, got to pay Mr. Visa back for the motor.

The motor is shipping this week, I'll have it at my office next week and start the install. Hopefully I can have it on the road by April.

Does that explain my sickness?
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