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Originally Posted by owdlvr View Post
I've got a replacement lens/reflector coming for the broken unit, but looking at this photo it seems I might need to pickup some high wattage bulbs to replace the yellow H4's in the factory lights!

Dave, rather than higher wattage bulbs i.e. 100/90 or 130/90 I have used the 60/55W +50% that will get you close to the first upgrade figure and with +80% now being readily available thats what I will be changing to. You could also go to +100% PIAA bulbs that would give an equivalent 120/110W without increasing the amp draw. Those extra power bulbs also give a whiter light as well. I would be conscious that to power the lamps a high power alternator would be required that would cause a power draw from an already power compromised engine. A 75A alternator will draw close to 2 Kw out of the engine. The higher the current draw, the lower the voltage output I found and I got to the point where the more lights I put on the less I could see! due to the differences between the light output at 12V and 14.4V.

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