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Originally Posted by NO_H2O View Post
The threat of having to go to court works because it is something that they will not want to do.
I had little trouble with State Farm when my '71 went up in flames because I had it insured with them at an agreed upon value. If your car was insured at an agreed upon value with your insurance company, they should work with you such that State Farm is aware of how your car was insured.

Unfortunately, showing a lot of receipts for time and parts in improving your car does not do much for an argument that your car has actually increased in value. Therefore, they will leverage all day long against you on that.

When my '81 Pickup (Rabbit-based) was surprised attacked by a woman oblivious extraordinaire going through a stop sign, I had a similar situation as you. I said $680 wouldn't buy a parts Pickup much less replace the one she wrecked, and I wouldn't accept the check if they bothered sending it to me. I said I would be contacting them after I have my neck and back checked out (similar to Dave's advice above). All of the sudden they were negotiating to a different tune.

I hate being less than upfront but being unfairly leveraged into submission isn't something I like either.

Good luck.
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