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Here we go:

Test fitted the 2332 EFI turbo longblock. Had issues with the ARPM case not mating up to the Autocraft trans. Thought it was the trans input shaft bottoming out on the flanged crank. Tossed on my empty case from the blown 2332, it fit with no issues. Tried another trans with the ARPM case, no problem. Seems like the ARPM case and Autocraft trans are of the same size. So need to chamfer both.

Bolted up the turbo header and the #4 exhaust pipe was hitting the body. Header is custom. Stainless under the apron for a T04 turbo. When it arrived, it was missing the #3-Jpipe. So had to wait for it to show. Will need to cut the flanges off the pipe, cut down the header, and reweld. You can see how far off it is bottom left of the pic.

To give you an idea on timeline. I sent my turbo, and wastegate to California on March 12 '08. Finally header got done and i was to pick it up when in Vegas for the Bugoramma(Oct '08). Header box, with turbo didn't fit in rental car. Parcel sent to Buffalo. Picked up from Buffalo. Missing pipe finally made it to my house in Jan 23 '09. Now i need to modify it cause it doesn't fit.

So since the turbo motor was taking forever, concentrated on getting the 2275 together. The A1 sidewinder exhaust didn't fit well. The #1Jpipe was quite a bit off and had to muscle it on. It was missing #1pipe) from the original shipment, and was sent afterwards. The rest of the header isn't sitting properly and leaking when bolted up. So need to cut that #1 flange off, reweld in the proper position to relieve the pressure, and get it ceramic coated again. Dammit....

Smoked a Pertronix in the dizzy when trying to fire it up. Bad new coil. Borrowed a 009/coil from Greg(TunedPerfection). Looking at a Mallory dizzy now.

The engine fired up really nice in my driveway. Should have good power, as the ATV lift left some divets in my driveway.

Both headers interfere with the kafer brace drop bars to the frame horns. I had to remove them. They were setup for use with a Type4 motor. I will have to modify and reposition them later when the engine and driveshafts are in. Time to tear down the 2275, and install in the split. The DTM shroud will be cut above the valve covers. This will make them removable for the install in the narrow engine bay.

Here is the oil cooler mentioned in the other thread that has been flipped around to have the fittings face the front. When facing the rear, the fittings were too close to the beam and steering box. Aluminum angle was used to get it mounted to the beam/pan bolts.

Trying to come to a decision if i should pull the hose out and do all the oil/gas plumbing in AN fittings and stainless braided hose. Need to decide this week.

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