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Originally Posted by Jadewombat View Post
Don't know why people would do that, some PO hacked my arches too. Had stock ones put back on as the bus is being painted. I'm running 16" MB CLK rims on mine, bus IRS swap with 2500lb. airbags in the rear. Clearance is pretty close on mine but what I do is jack the bus way up, pump up the bags a little which drops the arm down, and remove the wheel by rotating the lower part of the rim to the center of the bus until the top outer edge of the tire clears the apron then pull the whole thing out (hope this makes sense). It's tight but I am able to get it out. The face of the rim is exposed to the ground when you're doing this though.
That's how I had to take the stock wheels off my double cab. I figured I'd take advantage of it already being cut since I'd never do that myself.....
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