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Took the bug in a while ago to get the suspension aligned, and now it drives much, much better. Even with the stock 165/85-15 it stuck to the road surprisingly well. I took some time to start blacking out the trim, starting with the bumpers and the mirror. I also shot the kamei spoiler I had squirreled away with some white to match the car. I thought it was looking pretty good and I was waiting to get some wider fenders for the 16x8's I got....

Until I found these.

I just happened to stumble on these on craigslist, and I had to have them. I've always wanted a set of ATS wheels on a germanlooker but they are impossible to find in the states. They have 175/55-15 and 175/65-15 rubber on them which is a bit small for my liking, and I plan to put some sticky 195/55-15 on them.
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