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After a week off, I got Joy stripped down, painted, and reassembled. I didn't get many pics because I was trying to make the most of the nice weather, and I got a bad enough sun burn to prove it.

It took most of an afternoon to strip the car down and mask off the windows.

A couple things first, while the body and paint weren't perfect they weren't terrible either. The bug had a maaco respray sometime in the mid 80's and it was peeling in a few places. I sanded down the areas were the paint was peeling to level the surface, and on the fenders where i had rolled the lips. I hammered out the dents on the fenders as best I could and sanded the top side to level the paint. Even though theres still minor dents and creases you don't want any steps that could peel up later on.

It took about 16-17 rattle cans of plastidip to get on a nice thick coat. The first couple coats should be just a light dusting, then you can lay on thicker coats for coverage. You'll get different textures in the paint based on how wet you lay down your last coat. A wet lay up will run easier but will leave a smooth finish, while a lighter final coat will leave a rougher but more consistent finish. I used white plastidip which looks like a semigloss than a flat matte.

Here's the finished pics, minus the running boards and antenna.

I'll see if I can get a few pics of the blemishes but it's hard to get a good shot of a bright white paint job. The is one spot on the hood that started to peel up and I'm going to see it I can repair it by remelting the paint with solvent and leveling it out, then hitting it with a light layer of plastidip once its dried.
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