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thanks for the compliments. as a matter of fact, the whole shroud and fan assembly is going up for sale. just haven't posted it yet. i am going to a DTM since my engine has to be rebuilt now and the DTM is available this time around. let me know if you are interested. they only have 60 miles of use.

they are CCC fenders 2" and 3" front and rear respectively. late 951 ali arms with 17x8.5ET48 rims. '87 944S/951 rear rotors and calipers. dead on placement with no spacers. it took a hell of a lot of work to get there though. i have a set of early ali arms that are going up for sale too. i think they would be perfect for 1.5" rear fenders.

no updates on the decklid. haven't talked to joe in a long time. looks like i won't need it now since i am going DTM, but i think with the availability of the decklid alot more people would be willing to go FAT. the lower stand off i made works very well though. small piece of ali and some bending. hardly noticable and still can lock the decklid. much better option in my application than cutting the decklid or using upper standoffs.
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