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Cool Zen, you answered a lot of my questions. I'm going to hopefully be running twists so the ET's and width are similar. I already got the late alloy arms, but it's not too late to go with the early, do you think those wheels can be squeezed under the 1.5" wider fenders with early arms? I couldn't tell from the pics, but wut are you doing about running boards. Will the stock sized ones look out of place with the wider fenders? I don't have enough money at the moment to buy your shroud/fan, or i'd jump on in a heart beat. I have access to powder coating so I'll just bite off your style cause I am really feeling it. For me a hole in a 2 dollar decklid(ya I got it for 2 bucks ) is no big deal, then hide it with a liscence plate. I might be interested in the narrow control arms. Anyways you've helped a lot with my project, glad to see yours on the road. Mine will be there one day.

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