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Originally Posted by turboL
Amazing beasty !mate it will be insane ,greate work you should work for monster garage! Its greate to see the way you have just ripped into it and got it sorted verry impressed obviously with a lot of thought put into it also , U R leading the way as far as unique bugs go JS
thanks for the info matey just a homemade joby really (and no i never measured ought just cut the back out and thought id fit it)just self tort ,as i carnt afford all these lazer cut parts,bushers etc i live in scrap yards,ebay,and just use simple things like burning tackle,grinder,welder,stick welder ,really 4 months work and dosent stand me at mutch ,in the next 2months it should be ready 4 its first test run?ant a clue what may happern lol,
engine spec is rica 304 remap
t19 turbo
5spd manual gearbox
bailey dump valve
std 16inch volvo alloys
engine was dyno tested at 165mph in the t5 volvo the engine came from
gives u some idea matey what this maybe like ,,but in a bug lol must be fun ,but also dangrous too
had some probs e.g car started and poughed thow fench and flatting contre posts lol,i wasnt happy at the time,and parts hit were replaced lucky just pannel damage and beam pics to follow,

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