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Originally Posted by PJLOval
I don't know how I managed to miss this thread! This project is way cool. I have a 97 850 T5 wagon and it makes a lot of power stock and it's heavy too! I'm looking forward to more updates. I'm very interested in the shifter setup as I have to tackle that soon with my A4 retro fit.
thanks matey ,only home made back yard crap lol ,just a idea i had , shifter very simple as it runs on cables(2)basicly cut the centre chassi bug tunnel fitted the volvo selector as it is in the volvo and bent the cables backwards down the tunnel up over the gearbox back into the gearbox works a treat 5spd (cheeper then any 5pd bug conversion lol)just make sure when you join the cables they are contected to the right cables (otherwise its confuseing everything works back to front ,but properly in the bug ,as it started it up and it nicely shot off thow the fence (ripping the wings clean off lol
it dose 100mph at 3000rpm lol top speed of 165mph (no ill not be attempting that one lol any details/pics info i mayble able to help just ask?

what dose everyone think of this?

just a querry ive the 2.3 turbo t5 lump with the std 15g turbo (rear wheel drive) no power steering pump/no aircon pump/and decated rear pipe, rica 304 ecu ,dumpvalve and induction airfilter 5spd manual gearbox, and its all fitted into a vw beetle and lighter then a t5 (roughly 500kg)so would this be a 304bhp? or not? havent had time to test drive yet due the brake mods on the bug (poeple say its crazy i think it maybe fun?as the std 225bhp pulled ok and great on moterway ,im thinking it shud pull better then a volvo e.g less weight,but reason i didnt upgrade the turbo was i wanted a quicker spool up (0/100mph) im thinking may get 260/270bhp ???what dose everyone think ,,gives me a better ideas as as im months away of finding out?

s'gotta be kicking close to 300. no aircon, no powersteering sapping power..

Mate had a beetle with a tuned engine putting out 185bhp. THAT lifted the front end in 4th using the throttle only, no clutch jumps!

God help you with 300 and a heavier rear end than my mate had. Have you contacted the local air traffic control for clearance to take off?

lol never carnt wait to see my test run see what happerns
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