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been a while id had the car one tested road legal ,what a power house ,i had a few probs here and there so had to do extra modifying ,but got it runing 1.2bar of boost had a few test runs of 13.6 quartermile on std tyres with loads of smokey tyres,, its quicker from 70mph to 155mph then 0,70 lol ,,i ended up makeing another set of wings ,electric side mount intercooler ,high flow cooler too,as pipe work,as well as bigger wider tyres to grip more ,little pic here just wants lights and plates fitting and its away ,but isnt a good idea driving in this in the winter ,,,

you ought to see my net home made project ,,yes it a v dub ,but i thought id make a 4wd caddy ,specs are mk1 golf caddy,ive fitted a rear 2002 mk4 golf 4motion rear axle ,prop,6speed o2m box,and 24v v6 engine and turboed it too ,yes this will be metal to drive ,,all home made its feuled for 540bhp lmao ,here the link
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