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thanx for the quick replies guys..
EvilC i was actually looking forward for your reply...

about the bump not running them cos i cant acquire any atm.prob next week since shipping from outside eu is no go due to import tax...
I must admit that i was a bit impatient to drive the beetle with the new engine...
Assuming its a bump stop issue why then the left side with me driving will not bottom out? and the right will, laden or unladen??

Could a probably bent casing cause that much damage while driving literally around the block?
Or could this be caused by the adjustable shock tower brace?

When i fitted the new shocks in their casings fit was ok, they went in the same amount and i used the centering washers that came with the shocks.
and putting everything on the top part of the assembly in the same order
no rust present
ps: i cant recall about the first kybs but since i got them with the same part no i assume that they are the same as the previous ones...
thnx again
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