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Well, I thought about relocating the battery to the front, but with the spare tire and the radiator. I literally have no room.

The wires are for my crank sensor.

Final product.

Of course all of this is made possible because of my wife's helper. "Flea"

I basicly made my own shield. The edis ignition controler has a shield wire. So I'm going to connect my shield to that wire and hope it works. I also need to shield the two wires from the MS to the edis controller.

Sorry for the poor pictures, it wouldn't focus and I was tired.

So basicly, if you went aftermarket, you'd almost need to make another harness on top of the one you buy just for all the extras? Sounds like you might need to make your own. Maybe cheaper, and you can get exactly what you want. Although it will be more work for sure.
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